Snowflake Gelato – Kensington

Snowflake Gelato South Kensington was the 5th location opened by the award winning luxury ice cream company, voted London’s best by Condé Nast Traveller. After originally starting life as a two month pop up, Fernwood were tasked with the assignment of creating a more relaxed environment for customers to enjoy their ice cream with friends and family in store, as well as providing ample space for a stream of thoroughfare customers from a busy spot on Thurloe Street.

Fernwood transformed the boutique, which was originally just a counter with a very small seating area, into a destination eatery for ice cream lovers and those with an occasional sweet tooth.

Emboldened by the richness of the Snowflake brand chocolate brown, Fernwood created a new shop front featuring a welcoming super-sized, inward-opening, glazed sapele door which provides ample room for customers entering and exiting concurrently.

Fernwood then worked in two directions, configuring a new set up to the building which utilises new staircases to accommodate a proper working area downstairs with a space-economical walk in freezer, as well as a new seating area for

customers upstairs, running from directly in front of the door to a light filled area which benefits from a floor to ceiling window running the breadth of the store.

The decision was made to include a glass balustrade system for the staircase, effortlessly defining boundaries with no interruption, and like the snowflakes from which the company took its name – no two are the same. The eye pleasing concoction of steel and glass is designed to tempt customers to enjoy their ice cream in comfort with a view of one of London’s most lively districts. Awaiting them after a three kite turn at the staircase’s summit is a new stylish satin lacquered, one strip oak mezzanine floor; exploiting the sun light with its reflective quality while still using a weathered grey colour that stands up to daily use.

The end result of the redesign is a vibrant and inviting boutique that retains the colourful delights within the ice cream cabinet as its central focus, and offers a new haven from the busy high street, while feeding from its energy.

Project featured in Retail Design World, September 2016.