Gelato Fitout

Snowflake Gelato [St Pancras, London]

Snowflake Luxury Gelato were the ideal brand to bring cheer and delicious treats to hot, tired commuters. In the summer of 2016, they ran a pop-up gelato stand in St Pancras station. The temporary gelataria was designed and installed by Fernwood Interiors, creating a little spot of luxury in the midst of a major train station. Founded in 2012, award-winning gelato company Snowflake have quickly become hugely popular. Known for using the finest ingredients to create amazing flavours, the pop-up shop allowed them to give fans a little daily treat and also reach out to passers-by.

Location: St Pancras, London



    Snowflake Luxury Gelato are well named, and the brand wanted to bring a splash of luxury into the daily lives of busy commuters and weary travellers. An excellent and effective freezer was obviously essential, as well as an efficient point of sale system and a smooth flow of customers. The Snowflake team wanted the stall to reflect the branding in their existing boutique gelatarias while recognising that the compact space and limitations imposed by the station management meant that Fernwood Interiors were challenged with creating a space to rival the quiet haven of their other locations.

    Built in 1868, St Pancras International is an iconic London building and one of the busiest stations in Europe. Meeting the health and safety requirements for installing a temporary food stall in such a busy area was a challenge, and the station management had their own requirements. In addition, the temperature variation in this large space through a typically varied British summer had to be taken into account. With only 10 weeks available, the pop-up gelataria needed to be ready to use straight away and easy to dismantle at the end of the run.



    Using a mix of pre-fabricated and bespoke elements, Fernwood Interiors designed a pop-up gelataria which could be quickly be set up and dismantled. The stall itself drew on the rich chocolate brown used throughout the Snowflake branding to create a design which reflected their beautiful, modern gelatarias but with ideas reworked to reflect the limitations of the location. A wheeled cart was used to display the ice creams, allowing a fresh selection to be wheeled in each morning and reducing the need for on-site freezer storage. An efficient point of sale system completed the set up.



    For 10 glorious weeks, hot and stressed commuters were able to cool down and chill out with some of London’s finest ice cream. The Snowflake gelato stand in St Pancras station was a roaring success, drawing new customers to the brand and helping increase the profile of their permanent locations as well as their event catering and wholesale services. The stand was quick to install and had minimal problems throughout its tenure. Dismantled at the end of the summer, it was put into storage with plans to bring it out again in another location the following year.