Retail fit out

Retail fit out

Mr Jones Watches

Designed and hand-made in London, the beautiful watches produced by the Mr Jones Watch Shop needed a new home. Fernwood Interiors were proud to be chosen to fit out the brand’s first retail location, creating a space that would double as a retail location and the fulfilment end of their online shop. Founded by watchmaker Crispin Jones, the Mr Jones Watch Shop is part of a movement bringing design and small batch manufacturing back to London. With an established workshop space and a thriving online business, in 2018 it was time for Mr Jones to take the leap and establish a foothold in retail.

Location: Oxo Tower Wharf, London

Project Completed: 13th May 2018



    Located in the popular Oxo Tower Warf centre, the new retail space needed to be quirky yet practical, unique yet effective – just like a Mr Jones watch. As a small business owner, Crispin Jones was ready to invest in his new venture, yet had limited capital. Working within the budget and the compact space available in an Oxo Tower unit was challenging. Moving the internet fulfilment side of the business to the retail shop would take pressure off the workshop, essential for the business to grow, yet added another complication to designing a fit-out for the already tight but functional space to run both run their retail and Internet site.

    Oxo Tower Wharf has been a Southbank landmark since the 1930s, and although the space has been updated and modernised since it reopened as a shopping and dining venue in 1996, working within the confines of an older industrial building presents its own restrictions, particularly as some of the modernisations are now, themselves, aging. With only a single week to do the on-site work, a rapid installation was essential. The neighbouring units were occupied and Oxo Tower Wharf is a thriving modern mixed use venue so minimising disruption to nearby businesses as well as ensuring the safety of passers-by was essential.



    A tight budget, a tight space and a tight installation time meant that planning ahead was critical to ensure the success of this fit-out. Liaising constantly with Crispin, the Fernwood Interiors team worked tirelessly to make sure that every possible detail was in place before the installation date. With the existing constraints, there was no room for error. We are proud to say that the project was completed in time and on budget. Drawing on decades of expertise, the team designed and installed a modern shop interior, with a stylish yet functional finish.



    The Mr Jones Watch Shop is now a popular destination for shoppers visiting Oxo Tower Wharf and the hub of their thriving ecommerce business. The on-trend minimalist interior provides an excellent backdrop for these unique watches with the bespoke display area and lighting being key successes. Completed in just 1 week, customers are given space to browse the eye-catching collection and will often find their designer, Crispin, in the store, ready to talk about his pieces. The Oxo Tower Wharf was created to give shoppers a chance to meet makers, and we feel this space does just that.