One New Change Fitout


The first of a set of three fit-outs Fernwood Interiors undertook for GrabThai, the One New Change location was a new addition to the GrabThai chain. One New Change is an office and retail location in the heart of the City and close to major tourist destinations such as Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It is incredibly popular with office workers looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, making GrabThai’s grab-and-go system ideal for the demographic. Focussing on fresh ingredients, the GrabThai team provide flavourful dishes which are quickly ready to eat. Dishes are typically inspired by Thai street food, and provide a great alternative to another bland sandwich.

Location: One New Change, London

Project Completed: 18th August 2017


    Since their launch in 2011, GrabThai have been developing their brand identity and expanding their business sphere within and around the City of London. Focussing on high footfall areas with a strong proportion of city trade, the team have chosen locations where they’ll have to work hard, but the rewards are high. Fernwood Interiors were brought on to help present this brand identity and rapid cooking expertise to the public by creating an appropriate and effective fit-out. A relaxed atmosphere and excellent food are the mainstays of the GrabThai brand.

    Completed in 2010, the One New Change complex is a modern shopping centre in the heart of the ancient City of London. As this area is now home to the financial district, it is positioned as a high-end shopping destination and the centre management have particular requirements for fit-outs. In addition, the site available was very narrow with extremely high ceilings. This led to restricted movement once the towers were in place. A highly effective kitchen, a clear queuing strategy and a quick-turnaround point of sale were also essential requirements for the launch to be successful.


    One New Change is the only major shopping centre in the City of London, and is consequently extremely busy during the week. Careful planning allowed us to minimize disruption to neighbouring units and to ensure that the fit-out was completed within the allocated 4 weeks. The site had previously been occupied, so existing units and materials had to be removed before work could start. With a heavy footfall expected, materials chosen had to be extremely durable and also easy to clean. This applied to both front of house and behind the scenes as this GrabThai location would be open from 8:30-20:30 on weekdays.


    The One New Change GrabThai location opened with some fanfare and was an immediate hit with office workers looking for a quick and tasty lunch. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this branch of GrabThai offers an extended menu and soon became popular with those looking for a hot and filling meal at any time of day. This was the first of three fit-outs Fernwood Interiors accomplished for GrabThai in 2017 and 2018, and we’re proud to report that it was a success, with the location quickly reporting a profit and the fit-out holding up under the pressure of waves of stampeding feet.