Why listening is our most valued skill


Fernwood is an interior design and fit-out company, so you might imagine that our customers value our colour sense, our wide range of fabric choices or even our project management most. Time and again, we’ve learned that our listening skills are the most important – each of our customers have unique needs and their own creative ideas, and it’s only by listening that we can draw them out. Our goal is to get to know you and your project thoroughly, so that all the decisions we make for you are the ones you would have made.

Off to the perfect start

Whether you’re opening your first restaurant or your fiftieth shop, we’ll help you get off to a flying start. As specialists in interior design and fit-out for commercial and retail properties, we know all the tricks of the trade and can make sure you’re up and running quickly and smoothly. Our expertise is at your disposal, which is why all our new projects start by getting to know our clients, which might include visiting your existing locations, workshopping design ideas or mocking up various options.

If you have a clear vision for your new venue, we can get started straight away. We aim to listen and thoroughly understand your priorities and aesthetic so that we can ensure that they aren’t compromised when real life interferes in the form of budget limitations, structural considerations or health and safety regulations.

Chains and franchises – the same but different

If you’ve seen one McDonald’s, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, you might be surprised. The burger chain is a franchise and restaurants around the world vary in design, layout and menu items. While the head office insists on certain factors, maintaining a degree of uniformity, restaurant owners are able to shape each venue to fit the needs of the local market. From the McDonald’s in Taupo, New Zealand, which has seating inside a vintage aircraft to the one in Bath, UK, that looks more like a trendy coffee shop, the burger chain is adapting to its environment.

These adaptations are essential for market survival and depend on design and fit-out elements. At Fernwood, we work with both franchise owners and chains to create new locations which preserve the spirit and ethos of the parent company while also adapting to local conditions. Whether you’re moving into a listed building or a brand-new shopping mall, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Start talking to us today

Take the first steps to a profitable new venture by calling us today. Whether you’re launching a new restaurant, refitting a tired shopfront or building new business premises, Fernwood Interiors have the skills and expertise you need to create a stunning commercial or retail space. All our projects begin with a free, no obligation consultation – start talking, because we’re ready to listen.

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