How to choose the colour for your office fitout?

Colour choice for fitouts

Could a new coat of paint boost employee productivity?

Its obvious that your environment has a strong influence on mood, morale and productivity, yet all too may businesses let their office space get outdated, cluttered and dingy a decision which may cost more money than it saves. Modern research suggests that a well-designed office space can dramatically improve employee retention and productivity. While big companies invest heavily in the psychology of colour and interior design, you don’t have to spend much to feel the benefitsĀ  simply learn from their efforts!

Lighten up

Natural light makes people feel less tired and better able to concentrate, deal with challenges and be creative. Best of all, its free so if you can let more light in, you may see immediate and surprisingĀ  results. If natural light simply isn’t available in sufficient quantities, either because of short winter daylight hours or building design issues, then using artificial light to create similar conditions can have similar effects.

Repaint bland walls

A study from the University of Texas suggests that you should repaint at least some of your white, grey or beige walls as these bland colours do your team no favours. Associated with a gloomy, institutional vibe or sterile hospital setting, these shades dampen productivity. On the flip side, overly strong colours, including purple and red, can also be off putting. Mix in calming blues and greens and zingy citrus shades to create the perfect balance.


Choose the right colour for each area

You don’t have to go with a single colour scheme throughout your whole office. In fact, colour can be a great way to signal to staff and visitors alike that different areas have different purposes. This is a great way to encourage and hasten task switching, helping people mentally shift gears as they head to a meeting or come back from lunch. Calming shades of blue are often best for desk and waiting areas as they help people relax and concentrate while more up-beat colours such as yellow may be better for meeting rooms and other high-energy spaces. Red is associated with action and adrenaline so is ideal for areas where physical work is required.

Going green

Different shades of green can be calming or energizing, create a modern, friendly feel or a cold institutional one. Natural shades of living plants, however, have an almost universally positive impact so when youre planning your colour choices its well worth making space for a bit of living green colour. Plants don’t have to be high maintenance to be effective, so if you can fit in a few ferns or make space for a rubber plant that can also improve your office environment. As an added bonus, green plants improve air quality by filtering out carbon dioxide and some pollutants.

Ask an expert

There are thousands of paint shades out there and when you delve into the world of carpet patterns, furniture choices and fabric swatches the options can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to give your team a boost with an office refit, then speaking to one of our design experts is a great place to start. With years of experience, we can quickly translate jargon into clear English and help you find the next step that’s right for you.