Top 20 restaurant designs around the world

Restaurant designs are often overlooked in favour for the food, but in some cases the aesthetic is worth giving a second look. These restaurants from around the world show how the environment for your food can be just as, if not more so, impressive as your dinner. Below, you will discover the top 20 restaurant designs from around the world.


  1. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives presents an intimate dining experience you’ll never forget, as you eat amongst thousands of fish in the idyllic Indian Ocean. The design is constructed entirely of glass, and sticks to a simple, stylistic decor to compliment the view. When Ithaa opened in 2005 it was the first of undersea restaurants, and the appeal of the ocean has continued to bait customers across the world. maldives
  2. Eleven Madison Park in New York presents a combination of art deco and classic American dining. The restaurant pays homage to the many art deco aspects throughout the interior, such as the spectacular inlaid wood and gold leaf ceiling. The overall aesthetic is a tribute to old American glamour, creating an evening you’ll never forget. 2
  3. When your next in Belgiumvisit The Jane in Antwerp for a restaurant experience like no other. Previously the chapel of a military hospital the venue is now an impressive self-proclaimed rock ’n roll restaurant, that takes bookings 3 months in advance thanks to its strikingly unique interior. The Upper Room Bar offers a shorter waiting list, but just as impressive aesthetic for guests to enjoy a drink in. 3
  4. Japanese inspired sushi bar Nozomi can be found in Valencia, Spain. Whilst the menu offers authentic food, it is the interior design that earns recognition. The aesthetic works to transport customers to the streets of Japan. Guests dine under the Japanese Cherry Tree, the iconic leaves are recreated with origami to decorate the restaurant ceiling, proving to be simple yet effective.4
  5. Gotthards Krog in Sweden follows a nautical theme, using the founding owner’s infamous voyage to Greenland as inspiration. The interior design reflects the treasures found by the sailors in the trip, rich velvet sofas and the handmade furniture help to enhance the glamorous dining experience. 5
  6. Hong Kong’s OZONE presents an incomparable dining experience from the highest bar in the world. After travelling up to 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel guests find themselves stepping into a different world. Designed by Masamichi Katayama, the purpose of the interior is to appear as man-made bar in an imaginary world, otherwise known as an ‘edenic experiment’.4
  7. In the early 1900’s this venue operated as the famous K.M. Brondin bakery and café in Helsinki, it is now a restaurant called Bronda inspired by the original name. Having undergone a design overhaul, it has transformed into one of the coolest restaurant interiors in the world. Standout features include the high ceilings and big windows which have been enhanced through a harmonious colour scheme and wooden materials.6
  8. Award winning Ammo restaurant in Hong Kong was previously an ammunition storage facility, the designers were tasked with turning the space into a museum café that would be as striking as the museum itself. The finished interior design uses steel textures throughout and everything but the lightbulbs were custom designed, to prevent people identifying with the furnishings.8
  9. Vintage Bicycle Bar can be in found in the historical district in Bucharest, and has become a tourist attraction in its own right. Thanks to its quirky design the bar provides an incomparable dining experience to guests, often hosting art and music exhibitions. Inspired by the owner’s passion for bikes, the designer constructed the furniture entirely from vintage bicycles, producing a truly unique interior design.9
  10. Winner of Best European Restaurant award is Les Bains in Paris, France. Once a legendary nightclub, the venue is now a boutique hotel. The restaurant ceiling is a dark red to dramatize it’s extravagant ceiling domes, the design working to catch light and reflect it like ethereal halos, improving the dining experience.10
  11. Melbourne’s The Press Club offers an intimate fine dining experience, underneath custom-designed brass light fittings which cast a golden ambience. Using adjustable screens between each culinary pod, guests can indulge themselves in the rich interiors and Greek cuisine cooked by MasterChef’s George Calombaris.11
  12. Shugaa in Bangkok is an award winning dessert bar, with an interior design that is as sweet as the menu. The aesthetic complements the food available, using sugar molecules as inspiration. A mix of mint green with rose gold and marble elements creates a delicious colour palette that ensures a sweet experience from taste to surroundings.12
  13. Disfrutar is both a restaurant and winery in Barcelona, which uses clever interior design separate the two areas. The front of Disfrutar provides an urban aesthetic with ceramic tiles and metal grids, contrasting to the sanctuary of calm offered at the patio in the back; both separated by an open kitchen cooking up exquisite Mediterranean tapas. This restaurant design is as interesting as it is innovative, providing a feast for your eyes.13
  14. San Diego’s restaurant Parq offers it’s guests an immersive experience, using sound, lighting and design to bring the outside in. Inspired by the name designers designed a playground for adults, within a highly theatrical and visually stimulating environment. The venue is filled with various greenery and artificial garden’s, creating a year-long picnic aesthetic.14
  15. Dine at Saul E Méndez in Guatemala City for a refreshing experience. The interior design takes inspiration from its surrounding architectural heritage to create a culturally infused aesthetic. Guests have the option to eat on the outdoor terrace amidst a colour palette of greens and yellows that enhances the surrounding vegetation. The traditional hanging treads absorb all outdoor sounds to keep the space cool and intimate; creating an outdoor sanctuary for all guests.15
  16. The Gallery in London is host to 245 drawings by David Shrigley, the Turner Prize nominee. In order to give the paintings priority, the design encourages a contrast between the drawings and the entire restaurant, allowing the customers to enjoy the art uninterrupted. This soothing and strikingly comprehensive interior offers a pretty-in-pink spin on minimalism.16
  17. The Archie Rose Distilling Co.’s bar and distillery put itself on the map when it was named Best Asia Pacific Bar and Best International Bar. The interior design saw the transformation of a disused industrial building into a warm, inviting and character-filled space. A mix of brick, wood and iron is used pay homage to the distillation process; resulting in an atmospheric bar that blends with its industrial surroundings.17
  18. Hueso restaurant in Guadalajara takes an interior design risk with this day of the dead inspired decor. Skulls and bones, usually a restaurant taboo, are displayed throughout the venue across on the walls and furnishing. The decor evades being sinister with a white wash effect turning the interior into a stunning and successful aesthetic.18
  19. Dubai has become synonymous with opulence and luxury, especially within its hotel restaurants; the home of the infamous brunches. In a crowd of faultless interior design Geales has managed to stand out – by adding a bit of personality to the mix. The interior maintains the grandeur expected of Dubai, but with a touch of vintage seaside English décor that makes it unmissable. 19
  20. Topolopompo in Tel Aviv, Israel is an exotic restaurant that thrives on fire – and the theme is omnipresent throughout. Whether it’s the burning flames visible over in the open kitchen, or the golden dragon that hangs from the ceiling in form of golden metal chains. The atmosphere is burning with energy, and this interior design is as inviting as it is exciting.20

These 20 restaurants highlight the variety available across interior design in hospitality today; the creativity is pushing boundaries for restaurant dining to become a more immersive and rewarding experience (for both the customer and company). Interior design has the power to create a new world for its customer to be a part of, Parq’s indoor outside appearance is an example of how transformative decor can be. It’s aesthetic manages to enhance the meal; turning your main course into an event that will begin from the moment you walk inside the restaurant.

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