Restaurant & Bar Designs Awards, 2016

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

As an interior design firm with expertise in the area, we’re always fascinated by the results of the inspirational Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. The winners of the 2015 awards had a truly astonishing scope – from neighbourhood cafés to exclusive bars they span the globe from Korea to France, Australia to Israel. With our portfolio steadily growing, we’re ensuring we’re up to date with the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards news and hoping to submit an entry ourselves in the not-to-distant future!

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards ceremony took place in London on 29 September 2016. A highlight of the industry year, the awards bring together big names in the design and food worlds. Previous judges and guest speakers include Gordon Ramsay, Zaha Hadid, Alberto Alessi and Kengo Kuma.

A truly inspirational archive

Browsing the stunning photographs of the winning designs provides a great creative burst for the Fernwood team. Many designs are intended to provoke a strong reaction, and whether you love them or hate them you’ll quickly spot elements that would and wouldn’t work in your own space – we’re always gathering inspirations from the wonderful winners. From colour to contours, textiles to textures, you’ll see astonishing and innovative use of everyday and exotic materials. (As an added bonus, as well as finding great shots to add to your ideas board, you may also find a new place for lunch!)

Chain restaurants that try harder

In 2015, both Wahaca (Cardiff) and Nandos (Loughton) won Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. It’s a timely reminder that in this age of chains and multinational corporations, design and individuality are not only possible but essential. By providing each restaurant with a unique look and feel, these chains have added truly special dining experiences to the areas they serve; something we always bear in mind with each of our cutomers.

Recognising the real world

Each design highlighted by the RBD Awards is stunning in its own way. Yet when you browse through the list of locations and venues, you may be surprised by how many gems are hidden in highstreets, shopping malls and airports around the country; it inspiring to witness companies bringing successful, stunning design into our everyday lives.

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