How project management can make or break your business

Project Management Success

Project Management  isn’t interesting and it almost certainly isn’t your core business focus. Very few people wake up with a dream of opening a restaurant so they can spend more time thinking about scheduling plumbers before electricians or ordering materials. Yet these details can break your business before it has even launched.


They put the things in place you need

Did you make a cup of tea or coffee today? It’s a quick job and takes just a couple of minutes. Yet try making a brew in a house you’ve just moved into or out of and you hit snag after snag: is the water turned off? Have the mugs all been packed? Where are the teaspoons? Where’s the milk?

Building work and other projects are much like this. Rather than starting in a well-stocked kitchen, you’re creating one. Project Managers are responsible for the overarching running of a project, which means they look at every level, from the big picture to small details. They have to be logical, driven and astonishingly well organised. A good Project Manager can save a company millions while a project without a manager can bankrupt it.


They know what needs to happen first

Some tasks need to happen in a very specific order, while others can be done at any time. A Project Manager will schedule tasks with dependencies to ensure that everything can be accomplished efficiently.

Failing to properly account for dependencies results in expensive rework. As an example, if you get a wall plastered and then find out the electrician needs to cut a channel in it for wiring, your plastering cost will double as the work will need to be done again. Project Managers have tools and models to help make sure all dependencies are accounted for in planning.


They talk to everyone

Who passes on the news that the electrician is going to be late finishing the kitchen so the plasterer should start in another room? Project Managers are a central clearing house for information, and communicate with all stakeholders and contractors on a project. When news comes in, perhaps about a delay or a leap forward, they know who to tell to ensure that the project continues as efficiently as possible.


They meet your goals

Every project has a budget and a time frame. Project Managers keep track of both, and are able to help owners make decisions based on their goals. They work over short and long timescales. As an example, the Australian Parliament building uses handwoven fabrics on many furnishings. Project Managers have already commissioned new cloth, the creation of which will take years, in anticipation of the existing fabrics wearing out in a few decades time. Other Project Managers will be looking at minute to minute supply issues for factories and businesses.


They let you concentrate on what’s important

A good Project Manager is highly skilled across multiple disciplines, an excellent communicator and calm in a crisis. If working out the details of building schedules, sourcing supplies from cement to door knobs or discussing paint and plaster with trades isn’t your core business, a Project Manager can protect your time, giving you as much input as you want without losing focus.


Talk to us about Project Management and start protecting your business today. 

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