6 small changes that make a big difference to your space

6 small changes that make a big difference

Is your restaurant, commercial or retail space not working as well as you’d hoped? Here are 6 easy changes that can have a major impact on your space. As fit-out experts working with commercial and retail spaces as well as restaurants and bars, the Fernwood team have seen it all. Here are our best quick tips.

  1. Change your lighting

Sunlight, candle light or fluorescent light? A flickering fire or moonlight on the beach? We naturally associate different types of light with different seasons, times of day and moods. Changing the strength of the light bulbs in your existing fittings or installing a dimmer switch can be enough to shift a room from busy lunchtime to romantic evening meal or from browse to buy.

  1. Make space to move

We know it’s tempting to maximise the return on your rent by filling every square foot with income-earning furniture. Whether you’re cramming in another table for two or adding an extra display case, it’s easy to cross the line into overcrowded nightmare. Give your customers room to pass in the aisles, browse with a buggy or pull another chair up to their table and you may find the not only linger but spend more.

  1. Freshen up the paint

The smoking ban has made paint last a lot longer but that doesn’t mean you can let it slide forever. A tatty paint job quickly gives a business a run down feel, which leads to customers expecting discount goods and poor quality. If you’re on a tight budget, do a deep clean and only paint critical areas.

  1. Change the colour

A splash of colour can really change the look and feel of a space. If you’re repainting, as suggested above, you could turn the most bedraggled looking stretch into a sparkling statement wall. Otherwise, simply changing the colour of a feature, such as the table cloths, sale posters or curtains can make a difference.

  1. Replace your artworks

How often do you change what’s on your walls? We get so used to the art and decorations we see every day that we quickly stop seeing them at all. Have a good look at your pieces and see if any have faded or need to be replaced. Ideally, take them all down, add some new items and only put back what you’d buy now. Pieces don’t need to be expensive to be effective. Framed movie posters are great for a quirky look and many museums do affordable art prints you can order online.

  1. Put up seasonal decorations

You don’t have to wait for Christmas or tie in with a religious holiday to decorate for the season. Decide on your decorating calendar and change a few things accordingly. For example, you could change the silk flowers on your tables to reflect the seasons or redress the window every month. Regular customers will notice and appreciate the changes while casual visitors will enjoy the freshness.

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